Somatics, Improvisation and the Poetics of Performance, Venice Italy

24-28 of june 2020
11.00 am – 6.00 pm

Centro Teatrale di Ricerca – Venice (Italy)

Somatics Improvisation and the Poetics of Dance

This intensive workshop is experiential research of somatic practices, contact and improvisations, and structures and scores for dancing. Students will discover, explore, separate, integrate and improvise with physical systems and patterns to make visible physiological rhythms of support and creativity. We will explore anatomy and physiology to better understand the mechanics of movement. Through exposing contradictions in the body and engaging with our imaginations, we will widen choice, create discernment and practice embodiment and composition.
The course, designed for teachers, creators and performers in dance and theatre, will bring forth skills, tools and practical experience of somatic studies and improvisation, to become more tuned to physical centres and subtleties of touch, direction and intention. It will explore how to use these discoveries to tune the physical instrument of body and mind, and as a source for creative practice and the poetics of the human being through dancing, voicing, writing and reading.
There will be two classes a day working in the studio and outside. We will have jams and also spontaneous events.
Each participant will bring a seed of an idea and create a short solo during the course of the workshop. The solo can be sourced from a work already in progress, from discoveries in the workshop, or a structured improvisation that will develop during the time at CTR.
There will be an informal public showing the last evening.